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The Best Brands in Charcoal

There are several quality charcoal manufacturers, but two of the best are Kingsford and Cowboy. However, their products have a few aspects that distinguish one from another. When trying to determine which of the best brands in charcoal is for you, you should take into account how quickly the coals light, how they smell during cooking and how well they cook your food. Another matter to consider, especially if you grill infrequently, is how long you can store the charcoal before it wears out.

Kingsford charcoal

Kingsford is probably the most popular brand of charcoal and the most widely sold globally. It is very affordable and works well on most grills, displaying an unusually long burn ratio. The food tastes great on this charcoal as well; however, one down side is that cleanup tends to be a bit messy.

Cowboy charcoal

Cowboy charcoal is also considered top-of-the-line because of its natural ingredients, which let you grill without worrying about starch or petroleum aftertastes ruining your meal. Cowboy results in great-tasting food and also displays more durability than most synthetic-based charcoals. However, the natural ingredients leave behind more ash than usual.

Choosing the right charcoal can make a big difference when you are heading to cook on an outdoor grill. In fact, good charcoal can make the difference between a poorly cooked and a fantastic meal. Kingsford and Cowboy are each top-of-the-line brands that yield great benefits when used well. Heed the package instructions when cooking with either of these charcoal brands, and you should get excellent results that give your whole family a wonderful grilling experience.